Madyson | Senior | Chapmanville, WV

While we were discussing ideas for Madyson's Senior portraits, she mentioned that she liked the vintage feel. My first thought was, I have the perfect chair for that! Seriously, the reason I dropped cash on that chair was for my seniors. It's beautiful, and perfect for vintage styled sessions.
Anyway, after some more talking, she told me she wasn't afraid to get in the creek. So, boom, I needed a vintage dress. I snagged a gorgeous dress at an antique shop a few days before her session, and it was magic.

Madyson wanted her photos to be taken on her family's property. They assured me that it was beautiful, and let me tell you, they didn't lie. There's an old bridge that was built many years ago leading to a small pond. The pond is surrounded by gorgeous light and vibrant green trees.

The creek that runs beside their house is perfect for photos. Madyson didn't hesitate when I asked her to sit down on the rocks. 

Oh, and did I mention that her sister was included in the first half of her session? Meet Brooklyn!


Adding to the vintage theme, I brought along one of my film cameras.

We paired up her next outfit with some of the things that were already around the house. The painted tire swing and the swing at her grandparent's house were so sweet.

After we finished up at their property, we headed to a second location for a few more photos.

Madyson's session was truly a blast, and it reminded me of why I became a photographer. 
If you're an upcoming senior, let's go ahead and start the booking process. <3

Smile Like You Mean It

Some of my best photographs are the ones that happen naturally. You know the ones I'm talking about. The laughs that are captured when you just can't control your expressions, the special look that you give your significant other, and sometimes, that moment in time where you have so much confidence in yourself that its radiating. Those are the points in time that I aim to capture. Those are the photographs that you'll cherish forever. Sometimes the lighting isn't the best, sometimes you aren't completely in focus, but if that emotion is there, you better believe you'll get that photo from me. Whether those photos are printed as wall art in your home for everyone to see or put in an album to be passed down from generation to generation, that memory deserves to be preserved- and that's what I will do for you. 

Those genuine smiles are wonderful. I don't remember what I said to get that laugh, but whatever it was gave me a beautiful result!

Courtney's joy is contagious. <3

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. -Maya Angelou

When you love and laugh abundantly, you live a beautiful life. 

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. 

Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness. - Christian Dior

When you book your session with me, be ready to have some fun. <3

Latasha + Keiton

I absolutely love photographing couples because there's so much emotion captured. There isn't a ton of posing involved, because it just happens, and I think that's one of the reasons why it's so fun. Just to see a couple in love, being themselves, having a good time with each other is why I'm always happy to photograph them. So, I wanted to blog a few photos from this wonderful session. Enjoy!


We made our way through the park, stopping a few different times for a few different scenes. All of the new trees and shrubs blooming were beautiful.

The purple trees are my favorite! Don't get me started on how happy I am to see all of the green coming out. 

I mean come on, look at how he's looking at her. Oh, and that laugh. Love is beautiful. <3

My First Styled Shoot

     For the first time since I started my journey with photography, I decided to try a styled shoot. I've always admired the effort that goes into these types of sessions. The hair, the make up, the outfits, and props. I just needed to try it for myself. I finally worked up the courage to see if I had enough creativity or not. 

     As soon as a walked into the antique shop and saw the dress, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Armed with a dress estimated to be from the 1920's, a chair, a trunk, a hat, a purse, and some old cameras- I set out to create. Luckily, I have Abby! No matter what I'm doing or trying, she's always eager to lend her modelness. Is that even a word? If it isn't, it should be. 

     The weather was fantastic. We were able to pull this off on very short notice, and I'm glad we did. There isn't much left of the dress, so it would've been unbearable in the weather we're having now. Abby also used some antique jewelry that belonged to her family, and it went great with the dress!

     For the first part of my shoot, we used what is pretty much my backyard. I knew that I wanted a woodsy feel, and it was perfect. This concept was also great for this time of the year. 

     I've been struggling to find my editing style. I felt like I was editing warmer for some sessions, and cooler for others. Some had more of a matte feel, while others were sharp and clear. This gave me a chance to slow down and try new things. 

     After we finished up in the backyard, we headed to Madison. I usually go towards Logan if I want the look of the old buildings, but I decided to change it up some. 

     This was exactly what I needed. A chance to slow down and bring to life what I could see inside my mind. From picking out the props, choosing the model, finding the locations, to editing the images, it was all fun. 

     After we finished up in Madison, we headed back to Chapmanville to take a few shots at Mug Shot Cafe (Abby's mom's coffee shop!) Before my battery died, I managed to get the above black and white shot of her. Oh, and I also had some pretty amazing broccoli and cheese soup!

CRHS Senior Representative- Haley

Haley's session was absolutely perfect! It was a cloudy day (which I LOVE for photographs), and the trees were at the bare minimum for fall colors. Thankfully, Haley's radiant smile lit up the entire session!

From the highway, to a two lane road, up a holler, and down a dirt road leads to some of the most fantastic images you could possibly imagine. Some people see fallen leaves, weeds, and dirt, but I see the beauty God has created. I know that Haley could see that beauty as well. 

To sum it all up, Haley's session was a success. Despite the damp and fallen leaves, the drizzle moments before, and the mud. I would say, it was great. I can't wait for her next session!

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