How To: The Strawberries in the Sink. || Chapmanville, WV Photographer

Here's a different kind of blog post. Sometimes, I'll just see something and I think, "That needs to be photographed."
Sometimes it's one of the animals, could be food, something outside, or just the way the light is falling in the house. I think that everyone should be able to capture things like this when they see the opportunity. That's why I'll be doing this type of blog post every other week. They'll be the "How To" posts. Enjoy!

Settings: ISO - 1,600 35mm f/2.8 1/400 with natural light.
This means that my ISO was set to 1,600. My focal length was 35mm. My aperture was 2.8. My shutter speed was 1/400th of a second. I used natural light from the window behind the sink.
Camera body was a Nikon D750 and my lens was a Sigma 35mm ART.

I caught the details in the water, the bubbles, the ripples in the water, and froze the strawberries in the frame by having a high shutter speed. If you noticed that the strawberries next to the water are in focus while the others aren't, that's because my focal point was on the running water hitting the sitting water, and my aperture was 2.8.
If I remember correctly, I also had my white balance set to Kelvin at around 4,000. Then I warmed it up while editing. 

As far as editing, I warmed up the overall temperature of the photo, pulled out some more shadows and blacks, upped my contrast, did some dodging/burning, upped my clarity, then sharpened. 

Same settings and same editing with this photo, just a different setting on my faucet. ;)

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