My First Styled Shoot

     For the first time since I started my journey with photography, I decided to try a styled shoot. I've always admired the effort that goes into these types of sessions. The hair, the make up, the outfits, and props. I just needed to try it for myself. I finally worked up the courage to see if I had enough creativity or not. 

     As soon as a walked into the antique shop and saw the dress, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Armed with a dress estimated to be from the 1920's, a chair, a trunk, a hat, a purse, and some old cameras- I set out to create. Luckily, I have Abby! No matter what I'm doing or trying, she's always eager to lend her modelness. Is that even a word? If it isn't, it should be. 

     The weather was fantastic. We were able to pull this off on very short notice, and I'm glad we did. There isn't much left of the dress, so it would've been unbearable in the weather we're having now. Abby also used some antique jewelry that belonged to her family, and it went great with the dress!

     For the first part of my shoot, we used what is pretty much my backyard. I knew that I wanted a woodsy feel, and it was perfect. This concept was also great for this time of the year. 

     I've been struggling to find my editing style. I felt like I was editing warmer for some sessions, and cooler for others. Some had more of a matte feel, while others were sharp and clear. This gave me a chance to slow down and try new things. 

     After we finished up in the backyard, we headed to Madison. I usually go towards Logan if I want the look of the old buildings, but I decided to change it up some. 

     This was exactly what I needed. A chance to slow down and bring to life what I could see inside my mind. From picking out the props, choosing the model, finding the locations, to editing the images, it was all fun. 

     After we finished up in Madison, we headed back to Chapmanville to take a few shots at Mug Shot Cafe (Abby's mom's coffee shop!) Before my battery died, I managed to get the above black and white shot of her. Oh, and I also had some pretty amazing broccoli and cheese soup!